6 reasons to do both PPC and SEO

A very successful digital marketing strategy is generally a result of both efforts working hard to complement each other. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why digital channels should work together to give you the best results.

11 June 2019

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What is healthcare advertising?

Healthcare marketing is a customer-centric approach that uses multi-channel, highly targeted strategies to protect and promote overall health. Medical practices tend to use these tactics for inbound marketing i.e. to find the right patients, engage with them, and nurture them to form long-lasting relationships throughout the patient journey.

05 June 2019

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Building relationships with healthcare buyers

The medical devices industry works at the cutting edge of science to make life easier and healthier for millions of people. Getting the word out there while working within some of the tightest regulations in the industry can sometimes result in marketing paralysis.

30 January 2019

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